Our Services​

Our extensive services are seamless and integrated with our students’ needs. Our dedication and commitment to helping them reach their academic goals and supporting their long-term personal growth .


Academic Coaching & Tutoring Courses

We offer one-on-one academic coaching and mentoring, and group tutoring services that focus on helping students set and achieve academic goals and advance their study skills in a timely and efficient manner.

Education Referral & University application

Based on the qualification and experience of the applicant (international students), we refer them to the most appropriate tertiary education organizations, namely schools, colleges and universities.


Sports Training

Athletics at iTop education is an integral part of the school program. Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities that will enhance their educational experience.


Cultural Exchange Program

We provide a series of entertaining study tours for the majority of Chinese primary and middle school students during summer and winter vacations. Let the children participate in the experiential learning in North America's real classroom, explore the multicultural connotation of North America and the beauty of the city, and leave deep memories for each child.

Other Services

Landing Settlement:
Upon the arrival of international students, business investors, entrepreneurs, and new immigrants, respectively, we will help them with all necessary matters such as accommodation, catering, transportation, school registration etc.
Business Exploring Visit:
As a consulting firm with professionalism, we provide our assistances for international business investors and entrepreneurs with their business exploring visit,eg: we will be responsible for the travel plan, catering and accommodation arrangement, trip advising, and coordination with relevant authorities etc.